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crypto D&O cover

Crypto cover, done right.

On-chain crypto cover, without the flaws of traditional crypto insurance.



If it’s crypto, we’ll be there.
Get protected on hundreds of DeFi protocols and validator operators.



We’re proven and trusted.
Our capital providers have paid out millions in successful claims already.



Protecting thousands of customers. Since 2019 our partners have been protecting crypto users.

Trusted alternative to crypto insurance.

Traditional crypto insurance is unable to fill the demand for protection, it’s expensive, complicated, hard to get and doesn’t cover the risks that you care about. Our discretionary cover, with Nexus Mutual, has already paid $15m+ in claims for protocol exploits and the FTX collapse.

“We created Unity Cover because we saw a massive need for capacity in underserved markets. With decades of experience in the industry, we’re able to underwrite risks that the largest insurers can’t.”

hugH karp
CEO, UNity Cover

Protecting you.

Whether you’re an operating running Ethereum validators, a director of a protocol looking for D&O cover, a user wanting to protect against smart contract hacks, we’re here to protect you.

Want protection against a different risk? If there’s not enough capacity in the traditional markets, we’re here to help. Reach out!

how crypto insurance works

Competitive pricing.

Traditional crypto insurers are unable to offer reasonably priced policies. Their underwriting processes rely on historical loss and claims data. That data does not exist in the blockchain industry.

We bring industry expertise, giving us a unique underwriting advantage that allows us to better price risks. If you’re tired of seeing ridiculous premiums on crypto insurance policies, reach out to us and learn about our discretionary cover.

Want a quote?

We’re happy to look at ANY risks that you want to protect yourself against.